CASES project

In December 2012 a group associated with 15 different European countries met in Paris.Their aim:To discuss ways of encouraging Social and Collaborative Enterprise.This was the first meeting of the EU funded CASES project

 CASES Work:Collaborative And Social EnterpriseS as a new model of economic activity and WORK opportunity This project (2012 – 2014) aims, under others,  to:
–          Investigate the situation about the collaborative and social enterprise across Europe, collecting some good practices;
–          Build innovative educational tools, translated in different languages, such as e-book guide for start-up activities in order to provide information, support, guidance and resources;-          Promote creativity, employability and growth of an entrepreneurial spirit apt to face innovative experiences;-          Stimulating some environmental sustainable activities;

–          Suggest and stimulate the consciousness about a more sustainable lifestyle;

The meeting in Paris created several sub-groups.

1 Theme: Cooperative and coworking

2 Theme: crowd founding, open source, government service

3 Theme: Alternative energy, production, rural economy

4 Theme: Cooperative transport service (bike, travelling…), fare trade, education

Four partners, a sub group, are represented on this web site:

Austria, France, Hungary and Turkey

Their concern:

STTE : Sustainable Transport / Travel , fare Trade, Education

Each partner in the group is responsible for their own pages as well as contributing to the shared work of the sub-group & the partnership.

This site is dynamic, as the work progresses the web site will reflect the developing action

Clicking on the names below will reveal the work of each partner:






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